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Hopefully here you might find some tips to help you with your photography skills and even possibly make some money too which could help you finance upgrading your camera equipment which seems never ending in these days of fast paced technology innovations.

Tip 1. Try to keep a camera with you at all times as that elusive picture will likely happen when least expected.

Tip 2. For quality I would suggest a camera of around 20 megapixels.

You will have to decide whether you want to go the 'DSLR' road or the 'compact camera' road (I prefer the latter) because DSLR's are bulky and you may need to carry a few extra lenses too so a camera bag may also be needed. Compact cameras are very discreet and can slip into a jacket or coat pocket. Compact cameras such as the SONY RX100 MK V are of high quality and images from this kind of camera should be accepted from all photo stock libraries provided the subject matter is what they're looking for.

Yes, even cell phones now have video and stills cameras built into them but they may not have good zoom lenses or macro settings on them but I wouldn't knock them either, lots of good video and stills have been captured with cell phones.


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A tripod will be required if you're doing still life or low light photography. Not all tripods are good for outdoors as even a gentle breeze can sway your camera thus giving you a blurred immage especially with slow shutter speeds. In strong windy days you may also have to brace your tripod with some weights at the bottom of the tripod legs so that it will remain steady.

Tip 3. Sometimes you may not have a tripod with you, if this is the case and you need a steady shot then try putting your camera on a wall or chair and use a towel or such like to manipulate the camera into the desired position to capture the image.


Street Photography

Street photography is a very popular with photographers. Everything is there and all around you, it just needs an eye to capture that image in the moment. Be careful with people's faces though, not everyone wants to be on Instagram or other social media sites.

Tip 4. If you need faces in your shot then always ask permission first, if you get a refusal then just smile and say thanks anyway and move on to your next subject.

Some other types of photography...

Nature & Landscapes Photography

Wildlife Photography

Travel Photography

Sports & Adventure Photography

Wedding Photography

Underwater Photography



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